Safeguarding Committee

Parish Safeguarding Committee

Safeguarding our Children andVulnerable Adults

The law requires that all parish staff and volunteers who, in the service ofthe parish, are working with children and/or vulnerable adults, comply withstatutory vetting procedures and work to a Code of Conduct.

Diocesan policies also require that parish volunteers attend a ‘SafeguardingAwareness' training session. Training sessions are arranged regularly and arenotified via the parish bulletin.

Non-parish, commercial groups and individuals also work with children and/orvulnerable adults on parish premises, usually in the Parish Hall. This may bein a drama class, a dancing class, an academic tuition class. The ParishSafeguarding Committee requires that these groups must confirm that staff haveundergone statutory vetting, have had relevant safeguarding training, have aSafeguarding Policy and a Code of Conduct and have appropriate insurance.However, legally the Parish Safeguarding Committee cannot require proof of the above, other than seeing their insurance policy.

We would advise parents and carers whose children or vulnerable adults aretaking part in commercial, non-parish activities on parish premises to ask forsuch proof. For example, you should ask to see the vetting certificate of allstaff.

The Parish Safeguarding Committee provides support and guidance to ensurethat these requirements are complied with. Our children and vulnerable adultsmust be cared for so that all potential risks are minimised.

Such procedures also protect staff and volunteers.

Please note that those who do notcomply with the Safeguarding requirements will be unable to continue with theirwork.

The members of the Parish Safeguarding Committee are:

  • Pauline Forker (Secretary)
  • Sheila McGivern (Chair)
  • FatherO'Donnell (Parish Priest)
  • Áine McKeating
  • JP Irvine
  • Mary Murphy
  • Geraldine O'Hare

Further guidance and information can be obtained by contacting the ParishOffice, the Chair of The Parish Safeguarding Committee, Sheila McGivern,or any member of the Committee, via the parish office, Tel. 028 9066 5409.