Baptisms in the Parish

N.B. Baptisms in St. Brigid’s Parish are on1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, and onemonth’s notice is required. (Please contact the parish office to arrange this.)

To book a Baptism - please contact the parish office (028 9066 5409) between 9 am and 1 pm; email:; please leave a message giving your name and contact details.

Baptismal Preparation

In the Rite of baptism, parents arereminded that they are the first teachers of their children and pray that theymaybe the best of teachers.

As a Parish support for parents, as they prepare for the baptism of their child, wehave formed and trained a Parish Baptism Team. Each member of the team has complied with the Diocesan Policy and Proceduresin regard to Child Protection. Afterparents confirm, with the Parish Office, the date of the Baptism of theirchild, two members of the team will arrange with the parents a suitable timefor a short home visit. They will bringwith them literature concerning Baptism, a Baptismal Candle; they will outlineand explain what happens on the occasion of baptism, and answer queries. The purpose of the visit is to be friendly,supportive and informative, and nothing other than that.

Christening Blessing

May loving hands of welcome caress you and bless you.

May your hands be generous in blessing our world.

May God the Father be your rock of trust.

May the warm heart of Jesus Christ enkindle your heart

with love and kindness.

May the sparkling water of God's Spirit refresh and

enlighten you with golden ripples of wonder.

May the flowers and green leaves of everyday life

give you joy to balance affliction.

(Liam Hickey)