22nd May 2020



From Monday, 25th May, the Church will opened for ONE HOUR, 7.00pm-8.00pm, Monday to Saturday. The Church WILL NOT be open on Sundays.

🔹 Take personal responsibility for hygiene - and be responsible for the safety of others.
🔹 Read the signs - follow the instructions of the stewards - stay safe.
🔹 Only ten seats are available - this is to limit the number in the Church at any one time.
🔹 The Church is open for individuals to make a short visit and to have a few minutes of private prayer - remember that others may be waiting outside.
🔹 Children may NOT enter the Church.
🔹 Those with coughs or colds may NOT enter the Church.
🔹 Social distancing MUST be observed both inside and outside the Church
🔹 The Church will be cleaned each day by the Parish Contract Cleaners.
🔹 Hand sanitiser is available in the Church Porch - it MUST be used before entering the Church.
🔹 On each available seat paper towels and spray disinfectant are available - the seat used by an individual must be wiped down by that person upon arriving and leaving the seat.
🔹 Used paper towels are to be deposited in the bin at the end of the seat.
🔹 Observe the "One-way" system - enter by the main door, leave by the side door.
🔹 Votive candles are not available.
🔹 Toilets are not available.

Can you help?

We are looking for Volunteers to act as Welcomers/Stewards at the church. If you are over 18 and in good health and would be available to spare an hour to assist please contact the Parish Office at or leave a message with Fr O'Donnell on 02890 665409