New Regulations on Social Distancing

28th March 2020

Dear Friends

The NI Executive has announced regulations to further control social encounters. The Regulations come into force at 11:00pm on Saturday 28 March 2020. The main changes are to give powers to the Government and the Police to enforce rules that most people have already been adopting. There is reference to not leaving home without 'a reasonable excuse'

You will find below the link to the Executive's site; the detail of what is permitted as a reasonable excuse is under the heading 'Notes to Editors' - further down the page. You should note that for individuals there is little change and that attendance at the funeral of a family member is still permitted - though there are further limits on the size of groups that can gather in other circumstances.

Please stay safe - which these regulations are intended to support.

To reach the NI Executive COVID-19 site please click below.