LIVE MASS at St Brigids

30th October 2020

St Brigids Parish Streaming Service (Webcam)

Fr O'Donnell is delighted to announce our streaming service is now available for St Brigid’s Parish! All regular Mass times will be streamed (Monday-Sunday). Funerals, Baptisms, Weddings, and other liturgical celebrations can also be streamed on request from families.

The service will be streamed on YouTube and the link is available on the Parish Website under Webcam & Links or by typing ‘St Brigid’s Parish Belfast’ into YouTube ( YouTube can be viewed on laptops/desktops, iPads or on any smartphone.

To access our streaming service through the Parish website, go to ‘Webcam & links’ on the strip at the top of the page and use the link that says ‘Click here to View Mass’. This is a YouTube link that will bring you to the live feed for Mass.

Previous Masses and celebrations can also be viewed on our YouTube Channel.

*Please note the camera will mainly focus on the altar during services but we may turn to focus on other areas of the church. i.e. Organ.


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