Masses at St Brigids 'New Normal'

23rd August 2020

“New Normal” and Mass-time changes.

Given the “new normal” situation we find ourselves in it is obvious that the Parish Mass schedule required revision. This revision involves cooperation with the Catholic Chaplaincy at Queens. Beginning on Monday, 31st August Mass times in St Brigid's Parish will be as follows:

1. Weekday Masses:

Monday and Friday – 7.00pm. (N.B.- no morning Mass on these days.)

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday – 9.30am. (N.B. - no evening Mass on Wednesday.)

Saturday – 12 noon Mass followed by Confession.

This represents a reduction of 3 weekday Masses.

Mass on Monday will be followed by Adoration and Confession, 7.30-8.00pm.

Confession: 6.30pm on Friday; 12.30pm and 5.30pm on Saturday.

2. Sunday Masses:

Saturday – Vigil Mass at 6.00pm.

Sunday – 9.30am & 12 noon.

This represents a reduction of 1 Sunday Mass in St. Brigid's

3. The Catholic Chaplaincy at Queens.

A new term-time schedule for morning and evening Masses in the Catholic Chaplaincy is in preparation - when this is finalised, it will be published, and Parishioners will be welcome to attend these Masses. During term-time there will be Sunday Mass in The Catholic Chaplaincy at 8.00pm.

This new arrangement between the Chaplaincy and the Parish allows for 4 Sunday Masses and 11 Weekday Masses in this area and provides a wide range of choice of time.