GIFT - Growing in Faith Together Scheme

The Great GIFT Chain. Connecting us and connecting others.

The young people from the GIFT programme and Youth Faith are taking part in a fund-raising event on Sunday 28th June. They are raising funds for Belfast Friendship Club, an organisation that involves itself with our GIFT programme each year in a very powerful way. The Club was giving £15 phone top up vouchers to asylum seekers to help them stay connected to family and friends during this time of exceptional isolation. However, they have sadly had to close the scheme. We want to help them reopen it!

One example is of a young man who arrived from Sudan by himself as a teenager. He has no family here and asked the Club for help. On receipt of the £15 phone top up voucher he responded immediately with his thanks, explaining that his Father had died and the voucher had enabled him to connect with his family back home.

We want to help more people like this connect with family and friends. We have had an insight during this pandemic as to how it feels to be isolated. With just £15 we can make a difference.

If you would like to support our young people’s event then please visit the “Just Giving” page link. (SEE LINK BELOW)

The young people will be making paper chains and hanging them in the window of their homes to show they are supporting this event. Please feel free to do the same.

On Sunday 28th June, the young people will be connecting all their homes by way of a walking chain. It will begin by one GIFT family walking to one house. Here, they will tie ribbons on the gate and leave a letter saying what connections they have been grateful for at this time. Hopefully they can have a socially distanced chat between friends. The family from that house will then walk onto the next house and do the same thing. The chain will continue until the last GIFT house has been visited.

Please look out for the ribbons and paper chains hanging in the windows. Please pray for the success of our event.... Reconnecting our young people and hopefully Reconnecting others.

If you are in GIFT and do not receive an email to join our chain, please contact me.

Mary Carson 07718263019


We're raising £1000 to Help Belfast Friendship Club reopen their scheme to provide £15 phone top up vouchers for Asylum seekers isolated from support at this time.

Please donate to my JustGiving Crowdfunding Page and help make it happen:

Thanks for your support

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