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Standing Orders

Parishioners can also set up regular payments by setting up a Standing Order with their bank. (This can be cancelled anytime)

If you are already registered with an Offertory Envelope and would like to set up a standing order please complete the form below and return to your bank. Please include your envelope number in the 'Credit Reference' so we can distinguish each amount and allocate offerings to the correct parishioner. (i.e. White 999)

If you do not have an offertory envelope please contact the parish office by phone or email to be allocated with a unique envelope number (you do not need to pick up or use the envelopes)

There is no need to change this number each year as we will allocate the same envelope number on your account each year.

Payments can also be made by Cheque - payable to 'St Brigid's Parish' - please note your envelope number on the reverse of the cheque.

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